Concealing the Clutter

Does a cluttered classroom make your head hurt?  Or do you just accept it as inevitable and go with the flow?

The classroom environment does play an important role in student learning, but with budgets that are small (or more likely nonexistent), it is tough to get rid of anything.

Cluttered classrooms can have a negative impact on student learning. Using storage containers in the classroom creates a visual appealing learning space.

With that said, the visual environment of classroom spaces for young children should be welcoming, yet minimal.  A highly decorated classroom can be the cause of classroom management issues such as time off task.  It can make a negative impact every day that the materials are overwhelming children and how they learn.

Teacher Organization Hacks

Learning spaces should be filled with natural light, places to work together, and minimal sparse classroom decor.  Having places to store all the manipulatives and resources you may need throughout the year becomes a challenge when you are trying to keep the classroom design as simple as possible.

Having a spot, such as a classroom caddy to organize the materials so they are easily accessible, yet hidden from view may help students to pay less attention to the different colored boxes of learning games – and more attention during your science lesson.

Classroom Storage Solutions

If you have extra time over the summer or winter break, a teacher project just might be organizing those supplies all over the classroom.  Personally, I prefer to hide my “stuff” to create a cleaner look around the room for the times when visitors are in the class.

I love Sterilite containers to help me organize student supplies, manipulatives, books, art supplies, papers, folders, and more!  I like the Sterilite brand because it is easily accessible to most and they are pretty economical.

Now, if you are wanting to have an entire wall of Sterilite then you might want to start saving now because they aren’t THAT economical, but I bought all of the plastics I will show you below for less than $50 and there is quite a bit of storage space there.

Another option is to ask for Sterilites during the holidays or end of the school year when parents never know what to get.  They know you might love a Starbucks gift card, but if you have enough Starbucks cash to last you 5 years, perhaps a clear Sterilite is just what you would prefer.

I have a large collection because I like the fact I can mix and match them and that whenever I changed classrooms – or eventually brought them home – they were mine to keep.  They never go out of style!

You might want to check out:

Storage Solutions eBook Cover

Need some new ideas for organizing your classroom storage?  This 274 page digital book has you covered!

Includes 38 ad-free articles from Organized Classroom, including topics such as:

  • Student Cubbies
  • DIY Mailboxes
  • File Folder Game Organization
  • What to do with old office furniture to maximize your storage
  • Organizing tricky items such as yardsticks, building blocks, and anchor charts
  • Ideas for Student Headphone Storage

…and even more!

Includes 12 additional freebie files!  No need to enter in an email address for each one separately – just click and go!  

See it HERE.

For those that love having them, but also know that the clutter can accumulate quickly, I just created Sterilite Container Templates!  Yay!

These are super cute and will available in the themes below.  You can always create your own as well!  You just need to measure the dimensions of your drawers, create the templates in a word processing program, print, cut out, and tape to the sides.

Or just use scrapbook paper!  Any of the above would work great – and you get to decide what matches your classroom decor!

Find the currently available themes at Organized Educator.

Have fun finding your favorite and getting organized in classroom cuteness!  Enjoy!

What is your favorite way to use Sterilite containers in your classroom?  I would love to hear in a comment below!


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