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I use apps on a daily basis and wanted to share my favorite apps with you for getting through my busy day to day life as a teacher. 

I am so excited to be able to share with all of you here at The Organized Classroom Blog.

Guest blogger who shares some Great Teacher Apps on the blog today!

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Wait…Am I the only one with a busy life?  I doubt it! 

You might want to check out these apps also! 

Best of all.. they are all FREE! 

These apps are all available on iTunes and Android.  Your information is synced across devices, which is amazing!

Guest blogger who shares some Great Teacher Apps on the blog today!

My all time favorite app for organization is Evernote. 

This year, my main purpose for Evernote has been for tracking IEP goals and data.  I love being able to have a notebook for each child with a note in it for each goal. 

I input information, upload pictures, and even record the students while they read to save right into their notebooks in Evernote. 

It is quick, easy, and I don’t have huge binders to carry around with me.

Guest blogger who shares some Great Teacher Apps on the blog today!

Wunderlist is absolutely “wunderful”! 

I love to-do lists and this is the ultimate one. 

Ever make a to-do list before leaving work and then leave your list at school?  I have! 

Have you ever wrote down your to-do list items in a million different spots and have a hard time figuring out what all needs to be done?  Since Wunderlist syncs across devices, I don’t worry about this anymore. 

I usually input them into my phone, but I don’t have to have my phone on me to use it. My new principal introduced us to Wunderlist, and I don’t know what I did without it.

Guest blogger who shares some Great Teacher Apps on the blog today!

Another app that has made organization so much easier for me this year is Adobe Reader.  I am able to save forms to my tablet devices to open later.  I have even made fillable forms for tracking service minutes.  I love being able to open my iPad and use Adobe Reader to click on buttons in a form.

Guest blogger who shares some Great Teacher Apps on the blog today!

And last but not least, my favorite app for classroom management: ClassDojo! 

Have you seen this app?  It has the cutest little monster avatars!

Reward student for positive behaviors by giving points and take points away for negative behaviors.  You can put in the type of behaviors when giving and taking away points. 

Parents can have a log-in to see how their child is doing and children can even have their own log-in to personalize their avatar. 

Reports can be made and printed for each child.  It is highly engaging for kids and a wonderful source of data when used consistently.

Well, those are some of my favorite apps and why I use them!  What are your favorites to use?

Heather Salsman is a Special Education Inclusion Teacher from Indiana.  She blogs at Teaching Through Turbulence about behavior management and differentiation.

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