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Hey OC readers! It’s almost time for the big heart day! I hope to make it a little more lovely for you if you are looking for some fun last minute Valentines Day Activities.

Kisses=s Learning

You will need a bag of Hershey Kisses for these gems… I know, I use food a lot in my freebies and many schools say no to food… good things is you can modify and instead of Hershey kisses use another shape to do these activities.

Or you can tweak these activities to match the standards you are working on.

Kisses=s Learning

The first activity is a CVC reading matching activity. The student reads the word and matches the picture to the correct word. Print the file and glue the pictures to seven kisses.

Kisses=s Learning

The second activity is math fun. The student solves the problem on the kiss and then covers the answer.

Kisses=s Learning

In this picture you see 3+3 and the student would need to cover six.

You can download the printable for both of these activities by clicking here.

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Besides my ideas, I have seen a few free fun ideas around the web, that you may like to try and use on Tuesday…

1. Tot School uses the colorful dot stickers you can get at the store to make a matching game. (Click here to learn more)!

Kisses=s Learning

2. I LOVE this idea from Reading Confetti – It’s a number hunt. (Click Here to Learn More)

Kisses=s Learning

3. This idea uses more candy than just a kiss… but oh, what fun this would be for a VDAY party! I love it! It is a Minute to Win It Game from Stacy. (click here to learn more)!

Kisses=s Learning

So did this post get you thinking about all the learning fun that can be had with a Hershey Kiss??? I hope it got your wheels turning!

Thanks for reading… See you in March!

Colleen Gallagher

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