Make Your Own Bulletin Board Lettering Tutorial!

Bulletin boards are a great way to add some personality and organization to any space.

Whether you’re a teacher looking to spruce up your classroom or just someone who wants to add some flair to their home office, a bulletin board can be a great addition.

One way to make your bulletin board stand out is by using large, custom letters.

In this post, we’ll show you how to make your own giant bulletin board letters in any size and font you want.

It is easier to create custom printable bulletin board letters to match a classroom theme, rather than seeing what the teacher supply store has available.

Quick Directions

First, you’ll need to find a font that you like.

There are plenty of free fonts available online, so just do a quick Google search for “free fonts” and you’ll find plenty of options. Once you’ve found a font that you like, download it and install it on your computer.

Next, you’ll need to print out the letters in the size that you want. There are plenty of free printable letter templates available online as well.

Just search for “free printable letters” and you’ll find plenty of options. Once you’ve printed out the letters, cut them out.

Now it’s time to transfer the letters onto your bulletin board.

You can use a variety of materials for this, such as construction paper, cardstock, or even foam board. Trace the letters onto your chosen material and cut them out.

Finally, attach the letters to your bulletin board using tape or glue. You can arrange them however you like to create a custom message or design.

Making Your Own Bulletin Board Letters Step-by-Step

Hey teaching friends!  I haven’t done a video for y’all in a while, so I thought it was about time. 

I posted my newest Interactive Bulletin Board:  Flower Power Figurative Word Play for grades 4 and 5 {picture below}, and as I was creating the bulletin board lettering, it dawned on me how much easier it is to just create my own to match a classroom theme, rather than try to fight the traffic to see what the teacher supply store may or may not have in stock.

I figured maybe you might want to see just how easy it is too!  Check out the video tutorial below and see for yourself.

Want a shortcut? Grab THIS 50-Page Pack of bulletin board alphabet and number blank templates already created for you! Simply print on patterned printer paper, colored cardstock, or your favorite scrapbook paper design!

Includes bubble, block, stencil, and extra large letters and numbers!

It is easier to create custom printable bulletin board letters to match a classroom theme, rather than seeing what the teacher supply store has available.

How to Make Your Printable Alphabet Letters:

Video transcription: “I thought how fun would it be to actually show you how to create your own bulletin board letters so that way when it comes time for school next year and you want to put up a welcome message on your door or on your bulletin board, you don’t have to go to the teacher supply store to try and find whatever they might – or might not – have in stock.

You can create your own based on your classroom themes and colors.

You are going to need two things: Microsoft PowerPoint program (or Google Slides which does the same thing) and digital clip art paper.

I will be showing you right here on my Mac version, but you can do the exact same thing on your PowerPoint PC version. It might look a little different and you may have to go to a different toolbar, but you’ll do the exact same steps.

You can find tons and tons of digital papers on Etsy or other clip art stores that are online.

Double check the Terms of Use, but typically if you’re just using it for something in your classroom and won’t be selling your work, or sharing it with anyone else, then you will fall under the personal use category.

You can really have the pick of the litter then if you’re just going to use it for personal use.

Digital clip art is just a digital photo file.

You’ll want to make sure it is a .jpg or .png file for our needs.

Once you have your file picked out and paid, place it right on your computer desktop so it is ready to go.

Let’s get started!

Steps to create your own cut out letters:

1. Open a brand new blank PowerPoint slide.

2. Insert “word art”.

3. I’m going to type in, welcome. Then from there I highlight it.

4. I right click on it and I go to “format text”. We’re just going to go to format text because we want to change what the inside of the text looks like.

5. I’m actually going to make it larger by changing the font size so we can see it.

6. Then we go to “text fill”. I want to change the fill to the digital paper that I bought because it’s going to match my classroom theme.

7. Choose “picture” and then choose your picture from your desktop files. Optional: Check the “Tile” option to see if your pattern looks better tiles or not.

8. You can also change the text line’s font, size, and appearance to a dotted line, thick line, thin line, and color.

9. Last change is that the word art automatically has a shadow behind it and I want to get rid of that shadow. I choose No Shadow and click okay.

Now, my awesome bulletin board lettering is ready for me to cut out and hang up!

Of course, if you want them to be really large letters you’ll want to make the font about 400 px size to fill the paper.

If you want to make extra large bulletin board letters or door letters just increase the font size on it and use a legal sheet of paper or cardstock to run through your printer.

Another hint for my Cricut/Silhouette machine owners: You can then take this file and put it into your cutter’s program and the machine will do all the cutting for you. #superscore

If you don’t have a cutting machine, it’s super easy to grab a pair of scissors after you print it off and cut them out. I also like to laminate them so they are usable for years and years to come.”

What types of printable letters can you create?

  • bubble letters
  • printable letter stencils
  • printable numbers
  • block letters
  • extra large printable bulletin board letters
  • or any other alphabet or number templates you can dream up in any theme that matches your classroom decor

I love being able to use colored paper or scrapbook paper to get the look you want without using a ton of expensive printer ink.

Or if colored printing costs are no objection, you can customize your lettering with digital clip art and then print and cut your new free letter set.

Want a list of 20 of my favorite Google fonts that I use to make my bulletin board letters? Download the free handout below!

It is easier to create custom printable bulletin board letters to match a classroom theme, rather than seeing what the teacher supply store has available.

Have fun creating your own super cute bulletin board or poster letters, and make sure to stop by the Interactive Bulletin Board Category at the Organized Classroom Online Store to check out the fun (and educational) options for your classroom wall space!

It is easier to create custom printable bulletin board letters to match a classroom theme, rather than seeing what the teacher supply store has available.

Making your own giant bulletin board letters is an easy and affordable way to add some personalized decor to any space.

Whether you’re using them in a classroom or just for fun at home, these DIY letters are sure to make a statement. So go ahead and get creative with your favorite fonts and colors!

See you there!

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