Need Some Remote Teaching Tips?

Hey teacher friend!

Would you like some tips for working from home with kids, pets, and other family members that also need attention and space?

For all my teacher friends! I put together a free workshop called Tips for Working From Home for Teachers! It is available on demand right now and I’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback from teachers all over the world. If you (or someone you know) could benefit, feel free to pass along the link.

I have a free workshop called “Teacher Work from Home Tips” and I invite you to check out the replay!

In this 40 minute on-demand training, I will answer your most pressing questions about managing work from home!

I have been a work at home teacher for over 10 years – and my significant other also works from home.  Learn from our mistakes.  Ha!

You’ll learn:

  • How to work with kids at home
  • The secret to making sure you aren’t working even more hours than usual
  • Learn how to find joy in your current situation
  • What to do if your tech is going haywire

Make sure to get registered and save yourself time and stress!

Register for this free teacher workshop HERE.

See you soon,


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PS – There may be a freebie or 2 up for grabs on the training page too!

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