5 Days to Better Parent Involvement!

Oh yeah!   I know a lot of you LOVE my PD in your PJs Workshops and I have a NEW one for you that is sent purely all email and not a video training!  

This one is called 5 Days to Parent Involvement and it is presented a little differently than some of the other trainings.  

I always like to shake things up a bit here to see what you like – and be able to cater to different learning preferences.  Just like all good teachers do , right?

Need some new ideas for getting your students' parents involved as partners in your classroom? Get a free 5-day email course filled with tips and freebies!

Parent Communication Training

Here’s how this one works:

  1.  Click THIS LINK and enter your first name and email address {TIP:  Home email addresses always work better than school emails because some school filters will block the emails from coming through.}
  2. Read the welcome message from me on the page you are redirected to after submitting your info.
  3. Check that page each day for the next 5 days to get 5 great tips, along with some bonus freebies you can’t find anywhere else!  Score!

Make sure you read the daily email for 5 days and do the small action steps for increased parent communication for your current parents and/or in the future!

Get started HERE!

How do you prefer to do your PD in your PJs:  A video presentation or via a short email course?
I would love to hear your feedback in a comment below or email me directly at the Contact button above.  

Sharing great ideas and saving you time and effort is always my main goal – and I hope you appreciate it as much I love creating for you!


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