Rolling with the Borders

Today I have a tip that shows you how to organize those pesky bulletin board borders.  Many have used a cardboard box that you can find from the teacher supply store, or perhaps you just have them placed in the middle of chart paper or a tri-fold board. 

I have a tip that shows you how to organize those pesky bulletin board borders. Stop by the blog and watch this super helpful video tutorial! Enjoy!

If you are looking for a more convenient way to store them (not to mention moving them in order to get to them when you change your bulletin board monthly), take a peek at the video below.  Enjoy!

Prefer to read the transcript? We’ve got you covered!


“Hi, everyone! Last week, someone asked about organizing all those bulletin board borders that you have everywhere.

I completely understand. I used to have one of those really long narrow cardboard boxes as well that I had also stored in my room, which is fine and great. It worked okay.

Once the cardboard got old and used and moved around from classroom to classroom, I definitely would’ve needed to buy another one because it just wasn’t going to hold up anymore.

I kind of came across another idea that I I’ve used that has worked for me.

And it takes up a lot less space and I can actually move around some things a little easier.

You’re going to take whatever bulletin board borders that you have. This one actually is still in a package.

All you’re going do is take your border and you are going to roll it.

Now you want to make sure that you roll it so that it goes this way. So that way, whenever you actually want to hang it up, it will easily lie back down flat.

Once it is rolled up, you have a couple options.

You can either secure this with paper clips on each of the ends. These ones are teeny tiny paperclips. I couldn’t find any larger paperclips, but you would definitely need a jumbo paperclip for this job. Or a small butterfly clip would work fantastic for it as well.

Or you can also use rubber bands that would go around it as another option.

So see how handy it is now.

Super simple.

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And one place to store your rolls that I found works super fantastic is just a plain old file box. So in your file box put all your borders.

And then I also just have a baggie where I keep all of my bulletin board numbers that I hang up as well.

I take each of the months from the calendar bulletin boards and I put them small baggies, then I place all the small baggies into one large gallon-sized bag. Then I pop that inside of the file box with my borders.

When it’s time to change a bulletin board, whether it’s a calendar or another bulletin board, I grab the box and take it out to my classroom or hallway and I’m good to go.

So that’s pretty much all there is to it. Just roll it and find a way to secure it. I wouldn’t suggest tape because it’s going to rip some of your bulletin board border, but large paper or butterfly clips or rubber bands around the roll and it’ll store so much nicer.

Find a nice little box or a bag to put them all in, and then you can just carry it to the board, swap out your supplies, roll up the one you just took down, and put it right back in the container.

So then you’re all set and it’s super easy and you don’t have those long strips that you’re trying to fix and put into a box and not bend them and mush them up and everything else.

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I hope that’s been helpful.

I know there are some other ideas out there too, so if this idea doesn’t work for you, perhaps another one will.

Have a wonderful rest of the week. And we’ll talk to you later. Bye.”


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