Summer Reading Rockets – BINGO Style!


Hey teaching friends!  I was feeling particularly crafty today and thought I would whip up a fun freebie for you!

I know it is hard when you know your students might not be reading as much in the summer as you would like.  Or worry that your incoming students will also suffer from the “summer slump” before returning to school in the fall.

Well, how about a fun little incentive that you could use to enforce the idea that reading is actually F-U-N??

How about a fun little incentive that you could use to enforce the idea that reading over summer break is actually F-U-N?

Check out my Rocket Reader Summer Reading BINGO Card!

For those of you who are just finishing up the school year, this would be perfect (if all your current grade level teachers are on board with it) to hand out to all the students in the grade prior to yours who will be with you for next year. 

For example, if you are a 4th grade teacher, the 4th grade team would pass this along to the 3rd graders before leaving for the summer. 

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When they return as 4th graders in the fall, they would come to you for their prizes.


If you just want to encourage your current students to read, send home with them, and then they will return to you in the fall to redeem for a prize.


If your students have already gone for the summer, if you are lucky enough to have a list of the students’ addresses that will be returning to you in the fall, you could mail it to them – and they would complete and bring back to you after the break as well.

Or you could do whatever you like.  Those are just some ideas to get your wheels turning.

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What about prizes?

Do some yard sale shipping this summer for small toys and prizes that you can toss in a basket to allow students to choose from – you can find them super cheap and they will be fabulous for reading rewards! Have students that complete one line (or more) to select from this basket.

For the students who complete the whole card, allow them a choice from the basket as well, and then check with local companies to see if you can find some that would be willing to donate prizes and/or small gift cards. 

Perhaps a local McDonald’s might donate $5 gift cards or a coupon?  Maybe the movie theater would offer up a free child’s ticket?  Even the local bank might have some pens, notebooks, or coloring books. 

Put together a little prize pack for those students who have worked hard over the summer – and hopefully they will have gained much more than just the prizes.

What other ideas can you add?  Feel free to leave them in the comments below.

How about a fun little incentive that you could use to enforce the idea that reading over summer break is actually F-U-N?

Happy summer reading,


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