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One of the things I started this year was using Twitter to communicate with students and parents about homework and upcoming assignments, tests and events.

Guest blog post and she is talking about Twitter in the Classroom today.

Here are some great ways to use Twitter in your classroom:

  1. The great thing about Twitter is you can choose to have an open or private account. With an open account anyone can follow you and read your tweets whereas with a private account only those who you approve can follow you and read your tweets. I have tried both this year and found the open account allows parents more access to read tweets without having a twitter feed themselves.
  2. Use Twitter to post your nightly homework either as a photo of your homework board or in 140 characters text message.
  3. Students/parents can download the Twitter App to their smart phones or tablets and can access it anywhere with an internet connection. This is very accessible versus a classroom website, which might not be checked on the go as the site might not show up nicely on small smart phone screens.
  4. All tweets are public to your followers – for example if a student asks a question like “when is the book report due”. All of the students who follow your account will see the student’s question and your reply.
  5. Twitter is also a great way to share websites/information quickly with your students. When we are working on things in class and I need students to go to a specific URL – instead of writing it on the board and trying to help 30 students troubleshoot why they cannot access the site – they can go directly to my Twitter account and click on the link that I just tweeted.
  6. Lastly, if your school allows you can post photos of student work and students working together on Twitter for their parents to see.

I would love to know more about how you use Twitter in your classroom. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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